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Grandiloquent Dictionary

abecedarian - a person who is learning the alphabet
acouasm - a buzzing or a ringing of the ears
alphamegamia - the marriage between a young woman and an older man
anadipsia - excessive thirst
battology - tiresome and repetitive talking
demiurge - the creator of a world, whether real or mythical
didine - resembling a dodo
diplasiasmus - the incorrect doubling of a letter when spelling a word
diurnation - the condition of sleeping or becoming dormant by day
eroteme - the symbol used in writing known as a question mark
estivation - to go away somewhere for the summer
formication - to feel as if ants were crawling on one's self
hirci - armpit hair
humuhumunukunukuapuaa - a small Hawaiian fish
krukolibidinous - the act of staring at someone's crotch
latrinology - the study of writings on restroom walls
mytacism - excessive use of the letter m, or of the sound represented by it
onychophagy - the habit of biting one's fingernails
pandiculation - stretching and yawning before and/or after going to bed
qualtagh - the first person you see after leaving your house
rustication - taking a trip to the countryside
tessaraglot - one who is capable of speaking four languages
virvestitism - a preference of some women to wear men's clothing
wlatsome - describing something which is loathed
zenzizenzizenzic - a number raised to the eighth power.

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