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 Arno Rafael Minkkinen | Photographs | Robert Klein Gallery

Foster's Pond, 2000
Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Born in 1945 in Helsinki, Minkkinen has been photographing himself since 1971 as a timeless landscape of the human figure amid the forces of nature. The element of water - upon which his feet race, below which his torso dives or above which his being floats - provides the common ground for his surrealistic vision. There is no manipulation, no darkroom trickery, nothing but the single instant of the shutter and the placement of the lens.

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all night long on the broken glass living in a medicine chest mediteromanian hotel back sprawled across a roll top desk the monkey rode the blade on an overhead fan they paint the donkey blue if you pay i got a telephone call from ISTANBUL my baby's coming home today will you sell me one of those if i shave my head get me out of town is what fireball said never trust a man in a blue trench coat never drive a car when you're dead saturday's a festival friday's a gem dye your hair yellow and raise your hem follow me to beulah's on dry creek road i got to wear the hat that my baby done sewed take me down to buy a tux on red rose bear got to cut a hole in the day i got a telephone call from istanbul my baby's coming home today
[ tom waits | telephone call from istanbul ]

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 Larry Towell | Territories

Children holding toy guns, Gaza Strip, 1993
Larry Towell

In 1988 Towell became the first Canadian member of the renowned Magnum Photos agency, and has since published six books. Towell's photography does not derive from an intellectual quest or a particular ideology, but from the knowledge he acquires in the field as he unflaggingly follows his subjects in their everyday life, from his unique angle of vision on the realities of their society, and from his fellow-feeling for flesh-and-blood people caught in the crosscurrent and random events of history.

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 Through the Eyes of Children | The Rwanda Project

Thirteen children from The Imbabazi Orphanage participated in two photo workshops, and had their photographs exhibited to raise fund for their education. The gallery features photographs taken by the children using their 35mm disposable cameras.

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John Abraham Milind Soman Nakul Kapoor Rajeev Singh Life is Slipping Away... | The Death Clock Dino Morea Diwakar Pundir Himanshu Malik Madhavan

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Amrish Puri Karishma Kapoor Rahul Khanna Nandita Das Longneck in Romania Anthony LaFont Daren Van Laan Anthony Gallo Kurt Young

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i've never sailed the amazon i've never reached brazil but the don and magdelana they can go there when they will yes weekly from southampton great steamers white and gold go rolling down to RIO and i'd like to roll to rio some day before i'm old i've never seen a jaguar nor yet an armadillo dilloing in his armour and i s'pose i never will unless i go to rio these wonders to behold roll down roll down to rio roll really down to rio oh i'd love to roll to rio some day before i'm old
[ rudyard kipling | just so stories : the beginning of the armadillos ]

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 Welcome to Oslo

[ Etter at Norge gikk i union med Sverige i 1814, var det stadig spørsmål om hvilket flagg norske skip skulle føre. I Grunnloven fantes en egen bestemmelse om at Norge hadde rett til et eget handelsflagg. 13. juli 1821 godkjente Karl Johan Stortingets vedtak om et eget norsk handelsflagg. Som vedlegg til den kongelige resolusjonen finnes en tegning av det nye flagget. Det var stortingsrepresentant Fredrik Meltzer fra Bergen som kom med dette forslaget. Utgangspunktet var det danske flagget, med et mørkeblått kors innenfor det hvite. ]

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 Mario Cravo Neto | 28 Images

Odè, 1989
Mario Cravo Neto

Born in Salvador, Bahia in 1947 to Mario Cravo Junior, a well-known Brazilian sculptor, Cravo Neto started creating art at an early age. Initially interested in sculpture, Cravo Neto turned his attention to photography in the late sixties. Combining spiritual, mystical and religious elements - eggs, birds, fish and bones - with nude torsos, Cravo Neto creates sensual images which unite man and nature, the erotic and the spiritual. His images reveal a psychological portrait of the Indigenous, Portuguese and African communities that co-exist in Bahia today. Often evoking a ritual look, Cravo Neto's photographs invite the viewer to wander through black spaces, to linger on specific objects that are both elegant and primitive.

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 The Photography of Steve McCurry
Sharbat Gula, 1985
Steve McCurry

Traveling the world over the last two decades, Magnum photographer Steve McCurry has looked directly into the faces of people from all corners of this planet. From Afghanistan to Los Angeles and countless places in between, he has shot some of the most compelling photo portraits of our time. His direct and uncompromising style of shooting has produced memorable images, many of which have graced the covers and pages of National Geographic, including this famous photograph of a young Afghan girl from a refugee camp in Pakistan.

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Rakesh Bapat Vivan Bhatena Zulfi Syed Abhishekh Bachchan t r u t h o u t | News | Politics

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