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When I saw the cover of National Geographic's latest collectors' issue, I thought it was a joke. The soon to be released Swimsuits: 100 Years of Pictures, is to me as incongruous as Sports Illustrated if they were to publish national costumes of the world. I don't get it, this concept of NG's swimsuit issue. Out of topics already? How bright they are taking a different route with the hope of a bestseller. How desperate they seem. The cover says it all - a nude woman with three strategically placed scallop shells, specially photographed by Sarah Leen. NG editor, Bill Allen:

"The whole issue is just a retrospective of how people have dressed to have fun in the water over the last century. If you look through the magazine, you will see that there are people in all stages of dress and all kinds of bathing costumes, so it is very much in keeping with the whole cultural history of the world, which is what National Geographic portrays."

Whatever. Just say profit, dumkopf. I still love NG anyway.

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