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NAIL(S) are short, interactive web animations. Little stories about everyday life. The character in the animation is drawn after a real life person.
are short, interactive web animations. Little stories about everyday life.

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Why do we love a good puzzle?

Lin and I are playing a new word game. We write to each other almost daily and word games have accompanied our emails for months now, perhaps a year already. When we get tired of a certain game, we cook up another. This is how the current game goes.

I sent:
trick or treat

Lin has to form a sentence or a phrase with the letters of the last word. In this case, it is treat.

Lin's treat :
three rodents engage a threesome

My threesome:
the happy russian eats egg sandwiches on monday evenings

And so on with Lin's evenings.

[ PS 20030627 : This game is now a full-fledged blog called Blogstop. ]

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Every time Winter arrives, she brings me chaps for my lips and skin flakes for my face. These are just two reasons why I don't get along with her.

Autumn is still with us but she's very cold and impatient this year. Last week, to everyone's horror, she invited Winter. Maybe Winter was an unexpected visitor but whatever the reason, she has left as unexpectedly as she had come. The snow she left behind had gradually melted away and the bright sun yesterday coaxed the remaining clothed trees to continue their process of undressing. All in a day, the birch trees by my window transformed from green to yellow. The birch trees have been stubborn this year. While all the other trees are already down to their skeletons, or brown and ready to shed their leaves with the next gust of wind, the birch family had insisted on photosynthesis. They lost their battle today and against the orange light of a lamppost, I see silhouetted leaves falling as I write.

After her chat with Winter, Autumn is doubling her already hurried effort to get her job done. Prematurely but surely, she wants to go.

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Books that I've read, and highly recommend, are listed in the column on the right under The Bookshelf. More will be added in time, and some will be replaced.

Whilst searching for a link to A Fine Balance, I discovered that this Rohinton Mistry novel was selected by Oprah's Book Club in December 2001. I've stopped observing Oprah's library after leaving WHSmith so I am pleasantly surprised at her choice, a departure from the norm of American writers. The rebirth of exposure this magnificent novel had been granted by her is commendable. Oprah brought the book to a wider American audience and for the first time since the book's publication in 1996, it reached No.1 on the New York Times Bestsellers list in late 2001 – early 2002.

The book came to my attention when I was working at Tower Books in 1996 when it was nominated for The Booker Prize for that same year. Wanting a long novel for my solo vacation to Phuket and Lombok, I took the book with me. Not that my holiday wasn't a success, but frankly, the book did more to me than the sun, the ocean, the encounters and the temples put together.

A Fine Balance is a myriad of emotions; if you miss a page, you miss a feeling. Depressive moments are aplenty but they come without being overdramatic. Had I known about the amount of sorrow this book contains between its covers, I probably would not have chosen it as my travelling paperback but as it turned out, the book made me think and removed me from myself. There's no better read than reading books that are capable of drawing you so.

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What the fuck is Padacia?

Padacia is the nickname I use on the net.

I was peeved while registering at a certain gaming site earlier this year to find my requested nicknames being rejected. One after another, I was informed that the names I chose were already taken. I know I could've added the offered numbers next to the names but me, I'm fussy like that. Numbers don't fancy me much and I don't fancy them either.

Padacia came out of the blue on my fifth or sixth attempt and it was smoothly accepted. Consequently, curiosity raked my head. I neither knew what Padacia meant nor could I recall seeing it anywhere before. Google to the rescue: searched for "padacia", found 21.

On one of the results, Padacia is listed as the name of a waterfall at Mala Fatra National Park in Slovakia - "On the slopes of Velky Rozsutec is the waterfall Padacia and at the dead end of Vratna the waterfall Skok." On the other 20 results, the word padacia appears, but as part of Slovensko vocabulary. I went to a Slovensko-English dictionary and found these:

padací most drawbridge
padacia pasca na zver deadfall
padacie dvere trap-door
padacie okno sash-window

So much for curiosity, that much for explanation. Anyhow, the word sticks to me and I can't let it go.
Thus, The Padacia it is.

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