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When the music stops, one round of kickboxing is over and the two contenders freeze. See, I didn't know that. I keep thinking about musical chairs, waiting for the music to stop despite seeing two athletic men punch, kick and grapple each other's sweaty bodies.

We are watching Viasat Sport as I write this, Kampsport: Fighter Extreme II, held in Stockholm last September. The stage is the boxing ring and the events vary from the familiar taekwon-do to muay thai, to the unfamiliar sports that neither T nor I had seen before like shootfighting, superfight and the very erotic submission wrestling. Submission wrestling - they doggy style, they 69, they sit on faces, they cuddle and with their lips so close to each other, who would not expect them to fall into a fervent kiss to end the battle? (By the way, one of them ended the match sporting an obvious boner.) Do I always associate sports with sex? You bet. Even ski jumping gives me a kick. Man, lemme tell ya 'bout those ski outfits...

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