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What the fuck is Padacia?

Padacia is the nickname I use on the net.

I was peeved while registering at a certain gaming site earlier this year to find my requested nicknames being rejected. One after another, I was informed that the names I chose were already taken. I know I could've added the offered numbers next to the names but me, I'm fussy like that. Numbers don't fancy me much and I don't fancy them either.

Padacia came out of the blue on my fifth or sixth attempt and it was smoothly accepted. Consequently, curiosity raked my head. I neither knew what Padacia meant nor could I recall seeing it anywhere before. Google to the rescue: searched for "padacia", found 21.

On one of the results, Padacia is listed as the name of a waterfall at Mala Fatra National Park in Slovakia - "On the slopes of Velky Rozsutec is the waterfall Padacia and at the dead end of Vratna the waterfall Skok." On the other 20 results, the word padacia appears, but as part of Slovensko vocabulary. I went to a Slovensko-English dictionary and found these:

padací most drawbridge
padacia pasca na zver deadfall
padacie dvere trap-door
padacie okno sash-window

So much for curiosity, that much for explanation. Anyhow, the word sticks to me and I can't let it go.
Thus, The Padacia it is.

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